A corner bureau

Almost three years ago, I started work on a corner bureau for the spare bedroom. I bought a bunch of boards, glued ’em up and planed ’em down into panels, and then  there they sat, through two winters, collecting cobwebs.


Just recently I decided I felt bad for my little panels, and that it was time to start up the project again.

Here’s the original sketch. A superman emblem from the top, shooting for around 4 feet tall, sticking out no more than 2 feet from the corner.


First step was to cut the panels to size, best I could with a circular saw & guide. The final product looks pretty good when roughed together.


Next up, assemble the cabinet shell with a series of braces.. For the back panels, I was able to use my new (ish) kreg jig. What a handy little gadget!



… and now we have a cabinet.

From here, it’s time to think about how the drawer box will work. I want 4 drawers of equal size, and the height is 42″. So for height, 8″ drawers with 2″ spacers makes sense. Width is a judgement call on how deep I want them. I settled on 20″ drawers, with 2″ slack on either side, which makes for 13″ in depth. So we’re looking at 20″W x 8″H x 13″D drawers. Well enough.

For the drawer slides, I have some nice maple hardware from an old bureau I had broken apart a while back. That old bureau had a series of bottom mounted slide panels with nice tongue and groove joinery.


So I reconstructed the panels at my smaller size.


I then mount them on runners, put some face trim on the fronts, and then attach to the (upside down) cabinet one by one, from the top down.

img_1805 img_1816

When that is done, we tack on a little trim, flip the thing back over, and it’s really looking like a bureau now!


FAST-FORWARD: At some point I lost track of some of the photos I took of this project. So from here we must skip to the finished product.

By now, we’ve hauled the completed bureau up into the spare bedroom, and have it painted up.

We have the poly and the paint on the drawers as well.

And that’s it! Call it finished.