Bathroom part 2: the main course

With the new closet in place, we’re ready for the big job. And what a job! Here are the major problems we look to solve with this part of the project:

– Lower the boxed up floor to gain ceiling height
– Swap the position of the vanity and the loo
– Update everything and get rid of moldy rotting walls


So, we start with before. This room needs a root canal.




As luck would have it, we had the hottest weekend of the year to tear everything out.

All secrets were revealed as the walls and floors came out, and there were definitely a few surprises in there. Most significant was the lack of any sort of support beneath the prior location of the toilet, and the vent stack. That essentially shattered as soon as the walls holding them up came out.

img_0129 img_0135img_0139  img_0147 img_0149 img_0150 img_0153img_0143



After some initial stress struggling with the hired help, the plumbing was run.

img_0170 img_0171 img_0178



Lauren and Tanya tiled the surround. Hooray!

The floor went in, the stuff went in. Hammery hammery, grouty grouty, painty painty, bada bing! A new bathroom!

img_0181 img_0186img_2388img_0263 img_0261 img_0454 img_0456