Downstairs bath, final version

This one will be brief. We just wanted to bang out the downstairs bath quick quick, so we put in double time and cut out the documentation.

After refinishing this room 2 times already, I didn’t have much of an appetite to do the job again, and was content to just leave the open walls and smashed-up ceiling. But on one summer day, Lauren decides to knock out the walls and in turn, inaugurates this hat trick refinish project.

It was a fairly modest operation, as far as bathrooms go:

  • Rebuilt some walls and put up wainscoting
  • Boxed in the exposed pipes
  • Put in an adhesive tile floor over the current floor, and grouted
  • New toilet, sink, S-trap and fixtures
  • Cleaned and painted the radiator
  • Coat of paint on the walls and ceiling

Boxing in the pipes was a small project in itself. It required a good deal of framing, and there were a lot of corners and angles. The end result looks a little ragged, but I’m satisfied enough with it.

We chose a bold, southwestern looking salmon-y color, which I really like. And to top off the job with a little character, I picked up this beauty while on a trip to Texas.

It all came back together very nicely. Here’s hoping that’s the last time we have to do this job!